GTA V Radio Stations For GTA IV

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This Mod Will Bring All The Radio Stations From The GTA V To GTA IV .

Since I Only Play On Pc & The GTA V Is Not Coming Yet To PC . I Decoded The Radio Stations From Xbox Version & Replaced The GTA IV Station. 

The Radio HUD Is From JulioNIB's GTA V Radio HUD script. I just Modified The Pictures So It Match The V Radio Hud , 
Thanks To JulioNIB For Updating His Script To Match My Mod. 

PS: Advertisement Also Are replaced

Video :

Screenshots :

Download :

Option One ( Direct Link ) :


Option Two ( Divided Into 9 Parts 200 Mo each ) :

°I:.----------------- Part 1 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 2 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 3 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 4 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 5 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 6 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 7 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 8 -----------------.:I°

°I:.----------------- Part 9 -----------------.:I°


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  1. Replies
    1. it's a work in progress , here you go :

  2. Nice, but the textures are bad, contact me if you want the original game ones. Also, you should have converted from the PS3 version, that has better audio quality than the 360 version.

    1. yeah, i decoded from the xbox version, and also sometimes when you hear the ads between the songs , you might notice some time mismatch

  3. Mothefucker ! Mod Is Stuck When Loading

  4. it's ...just WoooooooW

  5. Does it work with viiv map ? Crashes or something els ?

  6. there is something wrong with my one , when i installed the radio mod after maybe 3 quarters of the song playing on the radio they suddenly fast forward to the next song how do i fix this ?

  7. man, how you can get only the minimap cause the "v to iv package" comes with the whole mod and i already got the mod (sorry for my bad english i am a brazilian)

  8. in which folder to add a radio station??

  9. can't download from dropbox. fix the link please.