GTA V Weapons For GTA IV

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This Mod Will Bring All The Weapons Models From The GTA V To GTA IV .

Since I Only Play On Pc & The GTA V Is Not Coming Yet To PC . 

As Always , I Try To Make GTA IV More Like GTA V,  I Extracted The Weapons Models From GTA V XBOX  Version & Converted Them So They Will Be Optimized For GTA IV, It Wasn't Very Easy At First , Then I Found These Great Free Tools ( Xdr2obj , LibertyV & GTA V Console Texture Editor ). 

But Still The Textures Part Of This Mod , The GTA V Textures Was All  Tinted In Black & White , So I Tried To Texture Them Manually.

PS: textures are not fully mapped to the models , but ingame you won't notice that.
Anyway This Is GTA V Weapons For GTA IV :

Video :


Screenshots :

Download :


Installation :
Option One :

After you Download The Archive , Extract It To 
(GTA IV Folder)/pc/models/cd images
* Enjoy *
Option Two :

you can use openiv package installer for easy setup (Provided By JulioNIB):

or open the .oiv file with winzip and insert the files that are inside folder "content\to weapons.img\"
into your gta weapons.img file :)

Distribution / Publication / Modification :

when you publish my mods , you need to  link to my blog

other than that you're free to modify whatever you want

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